Suggestions for improving EmbyStat.


The main thing I would like to see is a play history. Basically, a log of everything played on emby, with dates, times, users, IP addresses, play type (e.g ...
Suggested by: Adrian (05 Apr, '19) Upvoted: 17 Jun Comments: 3

Add stats about transcoding and media player

Hi, One thing I miss from tautulli is the ability to know what kind of player is used by users. We have the info in user details but it could be interesting to ...
Suggested by: kesm (08 Apr, '19) Upvoted: 20 Feb Comments: 3
Under consideration

View current stream on homepage

Suggested by: kesm (08 Apr, '19) Upvoted: 25 Nov, '23 Comments: 2
Under consideration

Add proper user authentication system

I have to add some kind of user authentication system as well. Not sure what kind of system, we have the following options (or a combination) 1. Own auth system ...
Suggested by: Mikhaël (05 Apr, '19) Upvoted: 27 Jun, '22 Comments: 0

Support Jellyfin

Seems like EmbyStat should work with Jellyfin but apparently it doesn't. It would be nice to see EmbyStat work with Jellyfin since it is completely open source.
Suggested by: Protektor (19 Oct, '19) Upvoted: 25 Nov, '23 Comments: 5

Concurrent stream history

Simple graph to show concurrent streams by the hour would be nice.
Suggested by: Michael Lynch (05 Apr, '19) Upvoted: 14 Oct, '23 Comments: 3
Under consideration

Mobile View

When viewing on a mobile device, the layout isn't optimised for such views.
Suggested by: hshah (05 Apr, '19) Upvoted: 20 Apr Comments: 2
Under consideration

Newsletter to users Like Tautulli

Can you create a newsletter like Tautulli that emails embyconnect users with weekly library updates?
Suggested by: GC (17 Oct, '19) Upvoted: 12 Oct, '23 Comments: 1
Under consideration

Add a /metrics endpoint for prometheus

Thank you for the actual work on EmbyServer ! Since there's a lot of numeric counters for number of episodes, histograms and such stats... Would it be possible to ...
Suggested by: krptg (19 Aug, '19) Upvoted: 30 Jun, '23 Comments: 0
Under consideration

Show missing episodes

I have been using EmbyStat to narrow down episodes that are missing in my library. In the current status of EmbyStat one can already see that episodes are missing ...
Suggested by: neik (15 Apr, '19) Upvoted: 06 Aug, '22 Comments: 4

Telegram Notification with Poster Support

Telegram notification with poster und link support for tvdb, imdb like Tautulli
Suggested by: Seb (24 Aug, '20) Upvoted: 29 Mar Comments: 0
Under consideration

Add toggle between dark/light style

Maybe it's a good idea to have some kind of toggle between 2 UI styles (light and dark) because the light styling is not suitable for everyone.
Suggested by: Mikhaël (05 Apr, '19) Upvoted: 05 Jan, '23 Comments: 0
Under consideration

Add graph to display when a user is viewing something per hour of day

Would like to create a graph that displays when a user is viewing something grouped by hour of the day. Also an aggregation between all users may be interesting. ...
Suggested by: Mikhaël (05 Apr, '19) Upvoted: 29 Mar, '23 Comments: 1

Have the possibility to list all movies/tv shows and filter by genre/rating/year/official rating

Hi, There is already graphs that display the number of movies/tv shows filtered by genre/rating/year/official rating It could be nice to have details of what ...
Suggested by: kesm (08 Apr, '19) Upvoted: 17 Jun, '22 Comments: 2

Statistics of failed login attempts

Request statistical information on failed login attempts. Username if available and ipaddress. snipped from embyserver.txt System.Exception: System.Exception: ...
Suggested by: Happy2Play (23 Apr, '19) Upvoted: 10 May, '22 Comments: 1
Under consideration

Display last viewed content for each users

Hi, Currently on users page you can view last active date but if you want more details like what was the last thing the user saw you have to go to users details. ...
Suggested by: kesm (08 Apr, '19) Upvoted: 05 Mar, '23 Comments: 1
Under consideration

Send notification for multiple platforms.

Allow to send personalized or costumized notifications in different platforms like discord, etc.. Notifications like #MoviesAdded The movies {movies title} ...
Suggested by: CyberPoison (25 Apr, '20) Upvoted: 15 Mar, '23 Comments: 0
Under consideration

Support for extra libraries such as music, photos, and home videos

Suggested by: Cool (24 Jul, '20) Upvoted: 05 Jun, '23 Comments: 4
Under consideration

Move people from movies to a full page with ability to list several actors/writers/directors

Hi, Currently people are only listed in movies. As there is also people in tv shows, there should be a page at the same level as movies and tv shows to displayed ...
Suggested by: kesm (15 Apr, '19) Upvoted: 02 Aug, '21 Comments: 4
Under consideration

InfluxDB exporter

Possibility to specify a InfluxDB database in order to export EmbyStat measurements and so being able to integrate them into dashboards.
Suggested by: Andrea (09 Nov, '19) Upvoted: 19 Oct, '21 Comments: 2
Under consideration

My/SQL choice instead of LiteDB

Is it possible to have info stored in a My/SQL Database instead of LiteDB or have the choice? Could possibly solve a lot of the issues with the LiteDB errors your ...
Suggested by: shenniko (31 Dec, '19) Upvoted: 05 Dec, '22 Comments: 1
Under consideration

Add file size to Movies and TV Shows

Can you add the ability to view the file size of all movies and tv shows to the Embystat?
Suggested by: Greg (19 Nov, '19) Upvoted: 26 Nov, '22 Comments: 3

Filter Dublicates from statistic

It's recommended in Emby to dublicate movies, so that endpoints does not have to transcode. I have 928 movies in my database but the statistic in embystat shows ...
Suggested by: Andreas (22 Nov, '19) Upvoted: 26 Nov, '22 Comments: 0
Under consideration

Discord Notifications

New to EmbyStat so not sure this is even possible but I was wondering if it would be possible to have it send notifications via discord whenever the Emby server is ...
Suggested by: Karl (04 Oct, '19) Upvoted: 18 May, '23 Comments: 0
Under consideration

Make a report of series, movies in xls, csv, etc. of the content of the libraries

It would be nice to be able to keep a list of the contents of the libraries through a report for excel or similar program.
Suggested by: Manuel (14 Jan, '20) Upvoted: 14 Jul, '21 Comments: 0
Under consideration

Sort lists by clicking on the labels

Change which label they are sorted by pressing the label, first press will sort ascending by the pressed label, further presses on the active label will toggle ...
Suggested by: Konrad (22 Nov, '19) Upvoted: 02 Aug, '21 Comments: 0
Under consideration

Nginx Base Path Support

please add support for Base Path Variable so we can use embystat on an domain like ""
Suggested by: STX2k (19 Oct, '19) Upvoted: 22 Sep, '21 Comments: 2

Stats for deleting old content

A possible idea for a new feature - 1. ability to sort content by filesize 2. show unwatched content 3. show older content that hasn't been watched for a long ...
Suggested by: DoubleGoat (15 Mar, '20) Upvoted: 21 Apr Comments: 0
Under consideration

Read only access to the dashboard - maybe as different endpoint

I would love the capability to have a read only dashboard that I can give to my users to access this remotely. I use nginx and dns records to publish links to emby ...
Suggested by: Vaise Williams (19 Aug, '19) Upvoted: 28 Dec, '20 Comments: 0
Under consideration

List Duplicate Movies and Episodes

Please provide a list of all dupes to ease media management. I know I have a lot of dupes but finding and zapping them is a huge undertaking for a large library
Suggested by: Sammy (07 Aug, '21) Upvoted: 18 Jul, '23 Comments: 1
Under consideration

Ability to send webhooks ( get )

Ability to send webhooks in real time when a device is playing something or not (stopped ( or paused)
Suggested by: mattl0 (16 Jul, '19) Upvoted: 18 Aug, '21 Comments: 1
Under consideration


An option to be able to send newsletters automatically. Newsletter daily or every x days. Newsletter with optional only films, music, etc. A cover of the film or ...
Suggested by: Svennie (25 Aug, '20) Upvoted: 03 Oct, '21 Comments: 0
Under consideration

Add restart function

restart embystat button. current installed as service, have to restart using windows services console. Would be nice to be able to restart inside embystat.
Suggested by: TKW (04 Aug, '19) Upvoted: 10 May, '22 Comments: 0
Under consideration

add reverse proxy nginx

location /embystat/ { proxy_pass http://62.xxxxxxx:6555/; proxy_set_header Host $host; proxy_set_header X-Forwarded-Host $server_name; ...
Suggested by: killianbe (11 Oct, '19) Upvoted: 02 Mar Comments: 4
Under consideration

ADD Counter Personal for video

Add information for counting visions of personal video
Suggested by: MK (19 Nov, '19) Upvoted: 05 Sep, '22 Comments: 1
Under consideration

Get a list of Missing Episodes

You calculate how many episodes are missing. But you don't have a way(that I can find) to actually see which episodes are missing.
Suggested by: Eric (14 Aug, '19) Upvoted: 02 Aug, '21 Comments: 1

Import history from Tautulli

To enable Importing of watch history from Tautulli
Suggested by: x (18 Nov, '19) Upvoted: 10 May, '22 Comments: 3
Under consideration


Having a separate area that we can either mount or use separate folder to backup config and history. This way we can backup and schedule x amount of backups right ...
Suggested by: TKX57 (10 May, '22) Upvoted: 05 Mar, '23 Comments: 1
Under consideration

Show all IMDB with 0 or Invalid

I am seeing where its showing a duplicate but when you go to the metadata the IMDB is 0 for both movies, when you identify it fixes the problem, then do a full ...
Suggested by: Jrod696 (24 Oct, '19) Upvoted: 14 Apr, '20 Comments: 1

Ability to Re-Fresh Single TV Show Series in Shows Overview

When fixing Episodes by looking at Missing Episode list would be nice to be able to Refresh or Re-Sync just a single show at that time instead of having to wait for ...
Suggested by: Jason Lloyd (19 Apr, '20) Upvoted: 18 May, '20 Comments: 0
Under consideration

Add Link under About > Actions

Need link to releases page as an available action button.
Suggested by: TKW (31 Jul, '19) Upvoted: 31 Jul, '19 Comments: 0

EmbyStat for mac os?

Hi do you think a mac version will be create soon? Thank!!
Suggested by: Jonathan Audy (15 Feb, '20) Upvoted: 15 Feb, '20 Comments: 1

More than 2 Duplicates on a page

On the movie page it only shows 2 duplicates at a time, if I fix them and then do a full media refresh ill get 2 more, is there a way to see the whole list?
Suggested by: Jrod696 (24 Oct, '19) Upvoted: 24 Oct, '19 Comments: 1
Not planned

Add Shortest and Longest to TV episodes

I was recently watching an OTA episode that was recorded from my TV tuner. It was being displayed in Emby as 20+ hours! It would be helpful to have a stat that checks ...
Suggested by: Diedrich (09 Aug, '19) Upvoted: 09 Aug, '19 Comments: 1
Under consideration

Add ability to theme with theme-park

theme.park is a great way to get consistent UI across all of your apps. There's a huge list of apps and themes available and the list is always growing. Theme ...
Suggested by: Levi Roberts (06 Aug, '22) Upvoted: 06 Aug, '22 Comments: 0
Under consideration

add [Select All] / [Refresh Metadata] / [export] button

When I filter out the items that meet the conditions, I hope there is a button to export the list, which can export the informations, so that I can do batch ...
Suggested by: nobody (03 Dec, '20) Upvoted: 03 Dec, '20 Comments: 0
Under consideration

Freenas support

Would love to see support/installation instructions for freenas.
Suggested by: Nick (17 Jul, '20) Upvoted: 17 Jul, '20 Comments: 0
Under consideration


Avoir la possibilité de sécuriser la connexion avec un certificat SSL
Suggested by: Tristan (30 Apr, '20) Upvoted: 30 Apr, '20 Comments: 0
Under consideration

Emby plugin

Create an emby plugin so the stats from the server can be access / viewed directly through emby via big screen and navigated via Remote
Suggested by: iCyph (24 Jun, '22) Comments: 0
Under consideration